After teaching physics in schools for 22 years, Christina now divides her freelance work between schools as a mentor, CPD trainer and adviser and STEM organisations as a writer and resource developer. From 2000 to 2014 she was Head of Physics and Science at The King’s School, Canterbury, where she now works part-time as Head of Partnerships, coordinating the school’s teaching and learning links with nearly 40 schools in the region. Since graduating from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and Management Studies she has taught science at schools in Sevenoaks, London and Wiltshire.

Christina is passionate about science outreach and developing student opportunities. In 2006 she co-founded Young Scientists Journal ( which is written, edited and produced by students aged 12 to 20 across the globe.  She is an active STEM ambassador and has led science activities with thousands of pupils at primary and secondary schools and festivals, as well as being in demand as a speaker at conferences.

Christina now shares her experience in physics education working as a Regional Physics Adviser for the Institute of Physics, by whom she was elected a Fellow in 2014. She is a trustee and trainer for the educational charity Physics Partners and a consultant with Fairfield Education.

As a STEM education consultant she has developed many resources for use in the classroom, working with major industrial STEM clients. She has authored a physics A level course, written extensively for the science education press and co-presented a number of CPD films for science teachers.

In July 2012 she addressed the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science Research in Education at the House of Lords, chaired by Baroness Susan Greenfield.  Christina supports the late Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto’s Geoset science video library, encouraging high school students to upload their own science videos. She was a finalist in the BBC’s search for a TV Science Presenter with Tomorrow’s World in 2002.

Christina’s work in school partnerships led her to found the Schools Together Group in 2016, which brings together those with a professional interest in inter-school collaborations.

Christina lives with her family in Canterbury and enjoys hill-walking, cycling, piano-playing and singing (choral or solo) as a mezzo-soprano.