Linking Businesses with Schools

It’s increasingly difficult to recruit high quality science and engineering graduates for STEM businesses.  Companies are increasingly turning to educational projects to strengthen future recruitment potential and enhance their profile with the community.

Not many companies can afford to sustain a permanent education liaison department these days.  However, using a consultant to help you connect with schools and colleges does not need to cost much and engagement can be on a project-by-project basis.

Educational resources: if you have a STEM-related project in mind I can work to your brief to create innovative and exciting resources for teachers and students.  You have an idea but may need a science teacher’s experience of the primary or secondary classroom and familiarity with the current curriculum.  I have experience of developing web-based resources and running workshops in schools.

Other educational schemes: Opening your doors for a teacher training event, or public open day, launching a competition for young people or supporting school-based research by providing mentors – these initiatives are much more successful if targeted appropriately and embedded in the curriculum, which is where I can help you.

Profit is important, but goodwill in the community is priceless.  Affordable schemes, which – crucially – support the science curriculum, can generate hugely positive benefits.