For Schools

Primary schools

Being a science coordinator in a primary or prep school can be a lonely job and daunting if you’re not a specialist.  We can work alongside you and all your colleagues, planning schemes of work, developing curriculum-based ideas to complement a whole school theme or just practical support in the classroom delivering science lessons.

If you or your colleagues would like to extend the range of experiments you can do with confidence, then let us help.  We can offer advice on how to embed literacy and numeracy into your science lessons or deliver master classes for your gifted and talented children.  If it’s developing tailor-made resources for your school, let us know.

Whatever your needs, we can offer continuous support remotely, a friendly mentor.  Get in touch to explore how we can help within any budget.  We don’t charge for an initial chat.

Student looking at test tube

Secondary Schools

Science teaching is changing. Exciting technology and a new curriculum present opportunities – and challenges. Astin Consulting can help your teachers negotiate through this period of change and emerge more confident and expert.

Perhaps you are:

  • a headteacher looking for advice on science?…perhaps anticipating inspection?…needing help with recruitment?
  • a head of science seeking support on some aspect of your role?…an external agent to help implement change?
  • a new science teacher, or sole physics specialist in need of a friendly mentor?

Contact me for a chat about how I can work with your teaching team. It might be developing your schemes of work, devising strategies to improve A* to B grades or A level uptake, encouraging a better gender balance in science or auditing facilities and lab technicians, implementing enrichment ideas or advising on university preparation.

I have over 20 years’ experience of these issues. Whatever your needs, I can them help meet them through lesson observation and feedback, discussion and interview, coaching or mentoring,  I’m happy to discuss the best way to achieve your aims.