My Philosophy

Young people are full of creative energy and I believe with the right opportunities, science can unlock an exciting future for them.

Science occupies a rightful place at the centre of the core curriculum, embedding numeracy and literacy skills which are transferable across their education.  Get the science experience right (with practical work and lively questioning at the heart) and students’ attainment can be rapid.  Of course, the world needs more scientists and engineers; but even for those students who are not going on to a career in science, the ability to think scientifically is crucial.  It helps forge neuronal connections which cannot otherwise be accessed (rather like learning a language or a musical instrument).

Modern science is about being part of a connected community. It encourages students to make links beyond their schools, whether with industry, businesses or universities locally, or further afield through research and communication projects.  These opportunities can capitalise on and channel their youthful creativity beyond the confines of the school curriculum.