STEM Education resources

There are a plethora of STEM educational resources out there and teachers’ inboxes can be overwhelmed.  How best to target your resources so that they are appropriate, curriculum-linked and tempting for teachers in their science enrichment programmes?

Educational resources: if you have a STEM-related project in mind Christina can work to your brief to create innovative and exciting resources for teachers and students.  You have an idea but may need a science teacher’s experience of the primary or secondary classroom and familiarity with the current curriculum.  Christina has experience of developing web-based resources and devising workshops for schools (see some examples of her portfolio here).

Other educational schemes: Opening your doors for a teacher training event, or public open day, launching a competition for young people or supporting school-based research by providing mentors – Christina can help you target these initiatives appropriately and embed them in the curriculum to make sure you reach the right people.